Ranger Bands – Uses and how to make them

Ranger Bands are nothing more than super rubber bands, or rubber bands on steroids.  I believe they are called “Ranger Bands” because the ever creative Army Rangers created them to store gear and secure gear.  They are most often made out of bicycle tire inner tubes.  You simply cut the strips to the width that you require and they are ready to use.  I have used them recently to keep a folding saw securely closed, to fasten some fishing gear to a telescoping fishing rod, and to hold some paracord together.


I also used a smaller diameter band to hold the lanyard for my flashlight from flopping around.  I like the option of having the lanyard, but it was getting to be a mess in my pocket, a ranger band was the perfect solution.


You can obviously buy new tire inner tubes, but I hope to stop by some local bicycle stores and ask if I can have their old inner tubes.  Free is good!

The uses for them are only limited by your imagination.  Let me know what uses you have found for them.




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8 Responses to Ranger Bands – Uses and how to make them

  1. Duncan says:

    That’s an excellent idea! It turns out that I have a flat inner-tube in the garage. My go-to is usually paracord but I’ll see what kind of uses I can find for these. Thanks a lot!

  2. Vickie says:

    Wow, I never thought of doing this! Thank you for the information. Now I know not to throw away my flat tires anymore and instead will recycle them for these uses! I found you on Wildcrafting Wednesday. Come find me at http://makingoursustainablelife.com

  3. Cool idea. Thanks for coming to the HomeAcre Hop. Come back and see us this week: http://everythinghomewithcarol.com/self-sufficient-homeacre-hop-3/

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