How to Save Your Paint Roller for Another Day

With all of the painting I have been doing, many colors being used over the course of several days, if I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on paint rollers I needed to be able to re-use the rollers days later.  I am sure most of you know that if you put your rollers in the refrigerator they will last longer.  But I needed a way to cover them as well.  I initially tried using plastic shopping bags(it was what I had on hand) to keep the rollers from drying out, but they didn’t stay well enough and I had a couple rollers dry out.  A better solution is using heavy duty aluminum foil.  You can roll the aluminum foil right around the paint roller, and then kind of squeegee the air towards the end of the roller before bending the foil over to keep any more air from getting in.  Then just stash them in the fridge until you need them again, they should last a couple weeks on the long end.  Be sure to leave plenty of paint on the roller itself so that it takes longer to dry out.  And that is how I was able to keep from having to buy a truckload of paint roller covers.


This is what my fridge looks like, normally sporting four different rollers

Homestead-Barn-Hop-NEW (1)

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    I am going try this with all the painting I do!!

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